Ring in the New Year by Refreshing your Home Decor!

December 20th, 2013 Dutchland Quilt Patch

Say farewell to your old décor and welcome the New Year with some new furnishings for your home! Once the ball has dropped and you’ve officially entered 2014, consider it the perfect time to spruce up your house with some fabulous, handcrafted décor!

In the spirit of new beginnings, lay down the path for prosperity with one of our natural Earth Rugs! These fine rugs of all natural, green materials add colonial style to your home and are made of one of the strongest fibers known to man, Jute fiber. They also make great pieces for kitchens and bathrooms because they repel water – very convenient!

Bring some light into your home and future with some of our handcrafted lighting fixtures. Our selection of chandeliers and lamps will leave your home looking brighter and rejuvenated. No matter your home’s style, there is something for every taste and preference. The quality of each piece is emulated through the beautiful craftsmanship and will bring elegance and heritage for years to come.

Don’t forget our handcrafted quilts! Our quilts make a great addition to any home and for any purpose. We have quilts that are great to freshen up your bedroom and give you a renewed look for spring. Our selection of quilts also includes styles that make wonderful wall hangings and table runners. Incorporating them around the house is a great and simple way to give your home a big transformation!

As 2014 approaches, now is the time to start shopping around for new pieces to make your house a home. Fill and decorate your home with primitive décor and unique accessories from Dutchland Quilts!

(Posted by Lloyd Esh of Dutchland Quilt Patch)

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