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January 9th, 2014 Dutchland Quilt Patch

With flu season in full force, we all need to take the preventative methods to stay safe and healthy. The seasonal flu will strike about 1 in 5 people, leaving the unlucky home in bed with body aches, cold symptoms and a fever as a result of the virus. What’s even more, without the proper tactics, the flu can be exceptionally severe for those with weak immune systems or heath conditions. Before the flu sets you or a loved one back, consider purchasing one of our handcrafted quilts to keep warm during the winter months!

Staying warm and bundled up even in your own home is a proven tactic that helps keep the seasonal cold and flu at an arm’s length away. It’s true; you should have listened to your grandma. Keeping warm and cozy helps avoid coughs and sneezes. When we feel the cold, we are more apt to shiver, feeling the brisk winter chill deep into our bones. Shivering suppresses the immune system which makes the human body more vulnerable to the cold and flu. This is why it is important to stay bundled up inside and outdoors. Our beautiful quilts are great at keeping the heat in when you wrap yourself up in one!

We have a variety of quilts that match any type of décor or personality of any individual. Whether the quilt is for yourself or a loved one, they will be draped in style and warmth for the cold winters ahead!

(Posted by Lloyd Esh of Dutchland Quilt Patch)

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