January Candle of the Month: McCalls Hot Butter Rum

January 15th, 2014 Dutchland Quilt Patch

With all of the crazy weather we’ve been experiencing this winter on the east coast, we’d be willing to bet that a great deal of you have been spending more nights at home lately. We can almost picture it now: snuggling up on the couch with one (or two) of your favorite handmade Amish quilts, some popcorn and a good movie as you take in the scent of our delicious candle of the month: McCalls Hot Butter Rum. Mmm.

Getting through these cold winter months is all about keeping warm and though we wouldn’t really recommend relying on your candles to avoid frost bite, the sensational, cozy scent of hot butter has the ability to warm you from the inside out. Plus, with the subtle undertones of sweet Caribbean rum dancing around in each jar of our McCalls Hot Butter Rum candles, you’ll be reminded that after all of these seemingly endless cold, snowy nights, the sun will show up again soon. Talk about the best of both worlds!

All you have to do now is weather through the storm and place your order for your very own candle jar of McCalls Hot Butter Rum. Available in both a 16 and 26oz jar, we’re sure that once you get yours home with you, you won’t even think about having another Saturday night in without lighting up your candle!

(Posted by Lloyd Esh of Dutchland Quilt Patch)

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