October 1st, 2016 Dutchland Quilt Patch


Ya’ll, Fall is officially here! There’s no denying. The first day of Fall has come and gone with the twenty-second of September and the weather is just as convincing that autumn has truly arrived. Mother nature must keep secrets with the calendar because the cool, chilly air and rain falls have been constant since the turn of the seasons.

As I sit here in one of our stores located in Ronks, Pennsylvania, I notice the neighborly Amish man right outside the window, guiding his horses through the field. I can imagine days like this are hard when the rain pours down and yet there is still work to be done. Lancaster County’s Amish are extremely hardworking individuals that don’t let up when they are faced with hard times. I’m quite confidant though that this season is a very rewarding time for all the farmers as they harvest their final crops.

And I can tell you, I’m just as excited and equally rewarded for the harvested crops because it means APPLES, and CIDER, and PUMPKINS, and GOURDS, and CORN STALKS, and MUMS!!! My favorite fall things!


What are your fall favorites? Embrace them!

*All pictures posted on this blog are available for sale at our stores and online (mums available only in store)*

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