Memorial Day

Happy Summer to you all! Memorial Day is in one week which means summer is well on it’s way. I’m excited for hot weather, ice cream, pool parties and fireworks. Memorial Day is a special day as we remember all those who have sacrificed their lives for this country. We thank each one of you […]

Quilt Show Month

It’s Quilt Show MONTH in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania! That means all month long we are getting ready, stocking shelves, and eagerly anticipating all the wonderful quilters we will soon meet. Any time of the year is a good time to visit Amish country, Pennsylvania, but we are especially excited for Quilt Show week! We’re making […]

Winter Blues?

It’s mid-January. Holiday rush is well passed and the kids are back to school. Life has most likely returned to the “normal” and “routine,” whatever that looks like for you. It’s another whole month before our next “holiday” where we can deck the house in pinks and red for Valentines! I know, some think it’s […]

It’s That Time of Year… NFL Playoff’s!

After all the hype of the holidays, at least we still have something for us to engage our cheers and hoopla – football! This time of year is about sitting on the edge of our sofas with the result of either in an explosive jump or a sulking sink back into the comfy couch. Teams […]

A Christmas Composition

The weather is turning bitterly cold. So far there is no snow on the ground. If I must endure cold, please bring me white glittery love. Inside is warm. Logs char in the red embers. Whipped hot cocoa in my santa mug warms my hands. A tall evergreen stands proud in the corner. Dazzled in […]

Mm, Mm, Butter Rum!

Mmm, what’s more amazing than the smell of butter rum? Imagine sitting down on your comfiest chair in the living room, nibbling on a butter rum muffin, and getting lost in your favorite hardback while the autumn leaves fall outside. Or maybe your throwing a fall fest party. A bunch of friends and those young at […]


Ya’ll, Fall is officially here! There’s no denying. The first day of Fall has come and gone with the twenty-second of September and the weather is just as convincing that autumn has truly arrived. Mother nature must keep secrets with the calendar because the cool, chilly air and rain falls have been constant since the […]

My Teary Goodbye to Summer

Summer is soon coming to an end, a fateful sound to most ears. But maybe you’re relieved that the kids will finally have a consistent schedule with school, or maybe the cool weather and favorite fall things makes you so excited you’re just alright with bidding summer goodbye. But for me, even as much as […]

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Lemon Love – July Candle of the Month

July is the perfect month for making a cool refreshing drink of fresh squeezed lemonade! When it’s hot, sticky, and humid outside nothing tastes better than that cold, sweet lemon drink! The smell of lemon is a reminder of all things bright and summer which is why we have the perfect LEMON candles on sale […]

May Candle of the Month – White Swan Vanilla

Nothing makes a house feel more like home than the intoxicating scents of a glowing candle! While the temperature is certainly on the rise this spring, it seems as though much of April’s showers have extended into the month of May, which means more days spent indoors. As you spend the remainder of the month […]