A Christmas Composition

The weather is turning bitterly cold. So far there is no snow on the ground. If I must endure cold, please bring me white glittery love. Inside is warm. Logs char in the red embers. Whipped hot cocoa in my santa mug warms my hands. A tall evergreen stands proud in the corner. Dazzled in […]


Ya’ll, Fall is officially here! There’s no denying. The first day of Fall has come and gone with the twenty-second of September and the weather is just as convincing that autumn has truly arrived. Mother nature must keep secrets with the calendar because the cool, chilly air and rain falls have been constant since the […]

Deck The Halls with Dutchland Quilt Patch!

Seeing as Thanksgiving is only three days away, we’re sure that there are quite a few people who have mentally moved passed the turkey and are already completely focused on Christmas. This idea isn’t all that crazy when you consider the fact that Black Friday shopping takes over the minds of many Americans right after […]